A friendship for the ages.

Glenn Craft and his familyChanging high schools was a certainty when Glenn Craft’s parents announced a move from Hudson, NY to Albany, NY. Fate stepped in, a family friend recommended Westminster and as Robert Frost said “And that has made all the difference.”

As a fifth former, he was placed in a triple with Dick Stewart ’66 and Don Geissler ’66. Their friendship has aged as well as the scotch they enjoy during their visits to Cape Cod. So when Dick asked the Class of 1966 to join the Thring Society in honor of their 55th reunion, Glenn happily said yes.

Glenn chose to make Westminster a beneficiary of his IRA. This is one of the easiest, fastest, and most affordable ways to include Westminster in your estate plans. If you would like to honor the friendships and relationships you made at Westminster School, consider joining the Thring Society.

If you would like to learn more, contact Jennifer Keyo, Director of Legacy and Leadership Giving, at 860-408-3039 or jkeyo@westminster-school.org.

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