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Inspiring Stories - Alexis Van Der Mije McAndrew ’98

Rennie Wilson Washburn ‘82

Rennie Wilson Washburn ‘82 remembers Bruce Burdett describing the forestry program: “In the fall, we cut. In the spring, we plant.” Forestry was an alternative to sports for the afternoon program and the group operated chainsaws and drove an El Camino around campus; she loved it.
 Alexis Van Der Mije McAndrew ’98

Alexis McAndrew ‘98

Alexis Van Der Mije McAndrew ’98 chose Westminster School for the first time at age 14. She had planned to attend a different boarding school, where her older brother was a student and her twin brother was soon to follow. After a tour, Alexis knew the school was not the correct fit for her. With the encouragement of a school counselor, she applied to Westminster, was accepted and after touring the campus knew it was the right choice.
Dick Stewart ’66

Dick Stewart ‘66

The Class of 1966 has created a legacy that involves some of Westminster’s top distinctions. The group established the Keyes Bowl, which is presented at commencement to a member of the Sixth Form that recognizes the qualities of loyalty, courage, leadership and humility; the Alan F. Brooks ’55 Distinguished Alumni Award, which is awarded annually to a former student who exemplifies in thought, word and deed Westminster’s mission and core values; and a campus plaque recently dedicated to the wives and mothers of Westminster.
Frank Walton ‘76

Frank Walton ‘76

After graduating from Westminster School, Frank Walton, a Simsbury native, left for warm beaches, sunny skies, and math and economics degrees from Stetson University. Instead of returning to the northeast, Frank built his life in Florida. While he’s never regretted leaving Connecticut, he has never forgotten how Williams Hill prepared him to think critically, consider others in his choices, and to connect with his community. For that he’s always been grateful.
Glenn Craft and family

Glenn Craft

Changing high schools was a certainty when Glenn Craft’s parents announced a move from Hudson, NY to Albany, NY. Fate stepped in, a family friend recommended Westminster and as Robert Frost said “And that has made all the difference.”