Westminster School recognizes those who have made planned gifts as members of the Thring Society. The Thring Society takes its name from the Reverend Edward Thring, Headmaster of the Uppingham School in England from 1853-1887. Thring’s view of education had an enormous influence in America, most certainly on William Lee Cushing, Westminster’s founder.

The radical ideas that Thring developed – the importance of individual attention, the need for structure and balance in school activities, the shared joy in learning and playing together, the value of discipline with freedom – became, through Cushing’s leadership, an integral part of Westminster and are still seen across the campus today.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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  • Who can join the Thring Society

    Anyone can make a planned gift at Westminster School and hundreds already have. Formalized in 1991, there are over 300 members of the Thring Society. You can see the publicly recognized members below. Westminster is aware of of planned gifts of every size from alumni, parents, grandparents, and friends of Westminster.
  • Why is it important to share what I’ve done for Westminster?

    If you share your gift with Westminster, in whatever detail you are comfortable with, we will be able to thank you and recognize you as a member of the The Thring Society. Working together to establish your legacy, we want to be sure your munificence will achieve the goals to which you aspire.  

    Most planned gifts support the endowment of Westminster. The endowment is a key piece to Westminster’s financial foundation, providing resources for faculty, students, and the campus. If you want your gift to support a specific area within the endowment, please share that with us as it is the School’s policy to apply all unknown planned gifts to the general endowment.


  • Who is in the Thring Society?

    There are over 300 Thring Society, including alumni, parents, and friends of Westminster. The Thring Society is listed here, in the Annual Report, and on a plaque in Cushing Hall.  

    Anonymous (45)
    Robert M. Adams Jr. 1957*
    David F. Allen 1955
    Douglas H. and Amy E. V. Allen
    Sissy and Peter Anlyan '69
    Elaine and Bill Anlyan '68
    Harold O. Anthony '55
    John S. Armour '76
    John L. Atlee '59*
    Todd A. Atwood '72
    Beth Cuda Baker and Todd M. Baker P'09, '12, '15
    June C. Barker*
    Harry P. Barrand '40* and Helen S. Barrand P'68, '74, '78
    Robert C. Baydush '52
    Charles Beach 1913*
    John Beinecke '65
    Benjamin D. Beyea '40*
    E. Tremain Bradley Jr. '55
    Donna and C. Andrew Brickman '82
    Marcia and Robert Bristow ’76
    Alan F. Brooks '55, P'89, '91, '96
    T. Coleman Brooks '95
    Virginia J. Brooks* P'55, '62, G'82, '89, '91, '96
    Daniel Burke III '87
    William Burlingham III '57*
    Christopher F. Burr '69
    Robert F. Bynum '69
    Michael S. Cady '73
    Peter Caley '76
    Christopher J. Campbell '91
    John C. Campbell '38*
    C. Howard Capito '64
    John M. Capito Jr. '60*
    Rachel England Castle '86
    Geoffrey L. Chentow '61*
    John T. Chew Jr. '64*
    David L. Childs '52*, P'80
    William P. Childs '54
    Forrester A. Clark Jr. '54
    Howard L. Clark Jr.* P'92
    Abram Claude Jr. '46*, P'71, '80, '84, G'02, '21
    Peter D. Coe '59*
    Carol A. and W. Graham Cole H'09
    Carlton Colyer '48*
    Marina Rust Connor '83
    Jeff Cook '66
    Mr. J. Nic Cooper '52
    Lillian Corbin P'98
    John A. Cosentino Jr. P'00, '18, '18
    Guy W. Cox II '57
    Glenn Craft ’66
    Nancy B. Crocker* P'95, '97, '04
    Richard R. Cuyler '54
    Alexander J. Daigle '00
    Jonathan I. Danforth '78, P'09
    Aileen Daversa '90
    Henry M. de Mauriac '42*
    Charles W. Deeds* P'51, G'82
    Willard A. S. Denham '49
    John C. Devereux '65
    Alice and John D. Dibble '50*, P'84
    Mr. Charles D. Dilks '59
    Deirdre Duffy Donohue '78
    Dorothy and Robert Doran P'84
    David A. Driscoll '47*
    Christine '00 and Matthew Droessler
    Susan H. Dubin P'00
    Robert J. Dunbar '66
    Susan and John Dwyer P'88, '90, GP'18, '22
    R. Hilliard Ebling '69
    Robert W. Ebling III '66
    Robert W. Ebling Jr. '33*, P'66, '69
    Walter E. Edge '35*
    William C. Egan III '64, P'92, '95, '00, '02
    Derek B. Fahey '66
    Michael B. Fales '69*
    James Martin Farr '57
    Jacob S. Fassett III '32*, P'57, '58, G'86
    Charles S. Fineman '65
    Colin S. Flinn '82
    Michael R. Flynn '68*
    Gordon T. Ford '53*, P'80, '81, '87
    Heather E. Frahm '86
    W. Robert Friedman '61, P'93
    Mr. Eric A. Fris, Jr. 1960
    Reginald H. Fullerton Jr. '52*
    Peter C. Fulweiler '66
    Robert T. Gabriel '40*
    Samuel M. Gawthrop '61
    Donald Geissler 1966
    Elizabeth N. Carstensen Genung '93
    Mary Anne Gerzanick-Liebowitz '81
    John T. Gibson '31*
    Douglas H. Gilbert '85
    Kathleen Gorman Gilbert '85
    Joseph L. Gitterman III '55, P'86, '86, '90
    Marjorie Lewis* and Thomas P. Good '31*
    James H. Goodenough '44*
    Newell M. Grant Jr. '99
    Frederick Grave*
    Craig L. Grenier '02
    Charles E. Griffith Jr. '56
    David E. Griffith '72, P'06, '10
    N. Lee Griggs '47*
    Robert D. Hafner Jr.
    Jonathan D. Halsey '66, P'94
    Dorrance H. Hamilton* P'73, G'01
    Michael Hanley 1978
    Clarence Harper*
    Roberts* and Greta Harrison*
    Robert Hawes ‘66
    Bruce O. Hawes '45*
    Jack W. Hawley '34*
    Warren K. Hay '50*
    George Borszcz and Melinda J. Henderson '80
    Charles W. Henry '67
    John R. Henry II '63*
    William C. Henry II '78
    J. W. Kearny Hibbard '55*, P'94, '96
    Mrs. Ford Hibbard*
    Eastham Hockmeyer '50*
    Wick Hollingshead '56
    Melissa A. Horne '00
    David H. Hovey '78, P'09, '11, '14
    Sarah and David Hubby ‘54
    Huston Huffman Jr. '66*
    Catharine Montgomery Hunt*
    Pemberton Hutchinson '50
    Richard A. Hutchinson '49*
    Michael A. Innes 1998
    Martin R. Irani 1983
    Robert L. Ireland Jr. '85
    Anne and Gregory d. Islan '66
    Herrick Jackson '58
    John T. P. Jackson '55*, P'78
    Orton P. Jackson Jr. '70
    Jennifer Glassman Jacobs '96
    Thomas A. Johnson Jr. '47*
    Leigh Johnstone '60*
    Gilbert E. Jones '70
    Peter M. Kellogg '59, P'86
    Madeleine Kelly*
    Jennifer B. Keyo
    Elizabeth R. Kipp
    Mrs. Carol Kirsch P'11
    Wendy and J. Philip Kistler '56, P'87, GP'22
    Murray H. Klein '74
    Carol and Bernhard L. Kohn, Jr. '66, P'92
    Peter M. Kohn '75
    Benjamin S. Kuckel Jr. '59
    Victoria K. Gitterman Leonard '90
    Robert McA. Lloyd '44*
    Michael C. Lobdell '75, P'07
    Andrew W. H. Logan '88
    Pare M. Lorentz Jr. '55*
    Jane B. Lowry P’10, ’13
    Kenneth S. Mason P'11, '12, '16
    L. White Matthews III P'95, '98
    Alexis Van Der Mije McAndrew '98
    Brian H. D. McClelland '50
    Andrew D. McCullough, Jr. '87
    John J. McGrath Jr. '73, P'06
    Thomas C. McNichols '67
    Jodi Godlewski Melvin '78
    Richard C. Merrill '28*
    J. Sanford Miller P'00
    Jeremiah S. Miller
    Charles B. Milliken P'77
    T. Treadway Mink Jr. '77, P'11
    Townsend Mink ’46, P’77, GP ’11
    Archibald R. Montgomery '43*, P'71
    Roger W. Moore '35*
    Franklin L. Morton '73, P'05
    John S. Morton Jr.* P'73, G'05
    Stephanie and Gregory* M. Neal '54, P'83
    Sandra and Lawrence R. Noble '80, P'18, '20
    Brian O'Donnell 1966
    Whitney Moran O’Donnell and Ryan A. O’Donnell ’98
    John O'Herron* G'08, '10, '12
    Lyn Oliva P'00, '03
    Ashley W. Olmsted*
    J. Pierce O'Neil '76, P'10, '12
    Peter M. Palin '57
    Charles F. Partridge '28*
    David Partridge '42
    Sanborn Partridge '32*
    Robert F. Pearce '54
    John T. Perkin* P'91, '93, '99
    Albert L. Perry III
    Virginia Perry
    Mary E.* and W. Scott* Peters P'73
    Peter V. N. Philip* G'06, '09
    Jennifer and William V. N. Philip P'06, '09
    Marjorie E. Pinney P'01, '11
    David H. Pivirotto '83
    Eliot H. Porter II '43*, P'69, '74
    John A. Powers* P'85
    Elfie S. Raymond* P'89
    Dr. and Mrs. George A. Raymond P'85, '87, G'19, '20
    Caleb F. Reese '91
    Rosser Scott Reeves III '54*
    John H. Remer '43* and Frances Remer* P'69
    John H. Remer Jr. '69
    Maury Reyburn '32*, P'56
    Jaye and Spike* Richey '63, P'94, GP'22
    Deborah DuPont Riegel P'90, '95
    Critchell Rimington '25*
    Alberto M. Roldán '06
    Mary E. Ross P'84
    Charles G. Ryan '45*
    Andrew B. Sanford '83, P'16, '16
    Anni Dupré and Charles N. Santry '80, P'12
    Mary and Joe* Sargent, P'74,'77,'79,'83 GP'07,'10,'17,'20
    Sarael and Tom Sargent ’77, P’10
    Richard Savitt P'81
    William M. Sebring Jr. '37*
    John Sherwin '57*, P'83, '89
    Tyler Sherwin '89
    Andrew D. Shiftan '86
    Wistar C. Silver '59*
    James B. Slimmon Jr. '45, P'76*
    Robert D. Slimmon '42*
    Barbara Smith* and Henry L. Smith '47*
    Mr. Hunter W. Smith, Sr. '68
    Timothy Smith 1949*
    Paul A. Spagnoletti '90
    Courtney P. Stacks '94
    Dorothy and L. Caesar Stair III P'96, '99
    Campbell H. Steketee Jr. '56*
    Harrison Stevens '32*
    Amy and Scott Stevens P'07, '09, '12
    Mr. Timothy Stevens 1959
    Tim Stevens 1962
    C. Evan Stewart '70, P'11
    Dick Stewart '66
    John P. Stratton III '58
    Philip B. Stull'52* and Elaine C. Stull
    Phyllis S. Swayze* P'55, '59, G'86
    Stephen F. Taft Jr. '30*
    W. Bruce Taylor '49*
    Samuel Thorne Jr. '46, P'74, '76
    Margaret* and Alan V.* Tishman P'66
    John G. Tucker '68
    John V. Tunney '52*, P'80
    Thomas H. Turton '61, P'82, '83, '85, '88
    Howard Tuttle
    George F. Tyler III '59*
    Ruth M. Unfried* P'61, '64, G'96, '97
    Stephen M. Unfried '61, P'96
    C. Hiram Upson '50, P'86
    Wendy McKinley Uvino '75, P'05, '14
    George (Jody) Vaill '66
    D.G. Van Clief, Jr. '66
    Connie* and Donald E. Walkwitz P'96, '99
    Mark K. Wallace '78
    Frank E. Walton, Jr. '76
    David P. Wardwell '49*
    Rennie Wilson Washburn '82
    John L. Way II* P'75, '80
    Kirsten Sichler Webb 1998
    Peter H. Wendell '61, P'87, '90
    Greta and Donald Werner P'79, '82
    Sara L. Whiteley '91
    Peter R. Wilde* P'81, '85, '88, G'16, '18, '20
    David R. Wilkins '88
    Robert Wing '57, P'90
    Silas H. Witherbee '73
    Wendell W. Witter* P'56, G'87
    Thomas J. Wolff* P'70, '73
    Gregory S. Wolff '70
    David E. Wood '75
    Susan and Thomas H. Young III P'83, '85
    G. Frederick Zeller Jr.*
    Charles F. Zimmer '59



  • What is Westminster School’s legal name, tax ID number, and address?

    • Trustees of Westminster School, Inc.
    • Westminster School Tax ID number: 06-0646960
    • 995 Hopmeadow Street, Simsbury, CT 06070